Fussels Taster Set (6 x 100ml)

    Fussels Taster Set (6 x 100ml)


      Looking to try all six of our fabulous Somerset grown, pressed and bottled Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil? Well, you've found it with the Fussels Taster Set!

      The set contains one each:

      • Lemon Rapeseed Oil (100ml).
      • Truffle Rapeseed Oil (100ml).
      • Pure Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (100ml).
      • Chilli Rapeseed Oil (100ml).
      • Garlic Rapeseed Oil (100ml).
      • Smoked Rapeseed Oil (100ml).

      With this collection of naturally infused and pure rapeseed oil, you can taste, roast, fry, dip and drizzle to your hearts content, and when you've found your favourites, come back and buy their big brother 250ml bottles.

      The Fussels Taster Set is not only great for you to use at home, why not give as a foodie gift and spread the Fussels love! 

      Additional Information:

      • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.
      • Set Weight - 600g (approx).
      • Allergen Information - Allergen free.  Gluten free.
      • These will arrive as six individual bottles and are not boxed.


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