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4 Things to Know About British Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

on October 12, 2022

Fussels press, producing cold pressed rapeseed oil

Cold pressed rapeseed oil has many great nutritional benefits and is gaining more popularity in cooking. But with all the culinary oil choices available, why choose cold pressed rapeseed oil? Well, in this blog post, we are going to discuss the main reasons why it should be your perfect cooking companion.

Let’s start with the basics, what is Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil?

From harvest to bottle, the process is quite simple and all done on the farm.

  1. When we harvest in July, the seed is air cleaned to remove any field particles and then stored until it’s required for pressing. Storing the seed rather then the oil means it is farm fresh all the time!
  2. Next, the seed is gently squeezed to release all its lovely golden oil, but this is done quite carefully, so we retain all its nutritional composition and flavour.
  3. Finally, the oil goes through a three-stage cleaning process, using no heat or chemicals, just pressure and cloth filters, before it is bottled and ready for customers.

Fussels Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is ideal for:

British cold pressed rapeseed oil, ideal for roasting, frying, dressings, baking and drizzling

So now you know the basics, here are some other things we think you should know.

With a light, slightly nutty flavour - as described above, you can use the oil for a multitude of things.

Hot & Cold
Bring on the heat! Cold pressed rapeseed oil is considered the 'gold standard' of all oils because it can withstand heat without damaging its nutritional value. Compared to olive oil, Fussels oil has a high smoke point, meaning it can safely be heated to 220°C without burning or loosing any nutritional value.

Equally, our oil is simply perfect when used cold. Due to the delicate flavour, cold pressed rapeseed oil is a great carrier of flavour, so whether you’re making your own dressing, using it when baking or drizzling, it’s simply perfect. That is why all dressings, mayonnaises and our new bread dipping oil all taste so good!

Healthy and Completely Natural
Why mess around with perfection – our oil is 100% natural and has nothing added or taken away. Fussels oil is also lower in saturated fat (around half compared to olive oil), which is a great help in lowering cholesterol levels and protecting our hearts.

Vitamin and Omega 3
Fussels oil is high in Vitamin E and also a good source of Vitamin K. It is also a rich source of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which for your heart, eyes and brain is essential to be included in your diet.

If you take anything from this blog post, remember that rapeseed oil is a healthy and great alternative to other vegetable oils. Also, always look for Cold Pressed on the label, if this or Extra Virgin is not on the label, you’re not getting the best! (Obviously, we'd love you to buy and try our lovely Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil which is grown, pressed and bottled on our farm in Somerset)