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Fussels Kitchen

We are excited to welcome you to Fussels Kitchen. It’s a concept that has been close to our heart for several years and will open up so many exciting possibilities for foodies everywhere. Come and gather in our purpose-built kitchen, watch and get involved with fantastic local chefs, cooks, professionals and enthusiasts while they perform and teach their food alchemy. It is a venue for learning new skills, enjoying great food, sharing experiences with friends new and old and most of all for having fun.

Each season will see an exciting calendar of events designed to appeal to every interest, age and ability. From butchery and bakery to chocolate work and decadent desserts, healthy cooking, easy vegan cooking, spices, basic skills, seasonal dinner parties and more, our Kitchen will play host to a range of West Country chefs and enthusiasts coming to share their knowledge and skills. From local to exotic, from fundamentals to the extravagant, you’ll find a world of food here at the Fussels Kitchen, and while you’re here, why not have a look around and see how our lovely rapeseed oil is made? To find out the full process, why not book a place on one of our fantastic Fussels Tours.

Look out for our series courses and demos coming soon, where you can really hone your skills on individual topics and keep up to date with what’s coming up in the Fussels Kitchen by signing up to my newsletter. You’ll be the first to get access to new courses plus limited discounts and competitions. We’re adding new dates all the time, so don’t forget to keep an eye on our upcoming classes. Simply pick the course that suits you best and just click to order, or you can contact