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Dressing & Sauce Gift Box
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    Dressing & Sauce Gift Box


      *** Please Note ***

      The Beer and Horseradish Sauce is currently out of stock and cannot be added to this Gift Box.

      Like you, I love a present especially if it’s a surprise or something a wee bit different and I think my new small gift box fits the bill.

      For starters my new 3 pack gift box comes in 3 versions…

      This version, for my dressings and sauces, allows you to pick 3 bottles from our dressing and sauce range (Classic Herb, Quince and Cider Vinegar, Watercress and FGS beer and Horseradish sauce) which we will then pack into our handy new gift box.

      The other versions are for my vinaigrettes and my flavoured oils.

      Select Your 3 Bottles (Click Image)


      All the Fussels best sellers, tripled up and packaged together in special offers!

      Choose Three of the Following

      Trio Of Flavoured Rapeseed Oil for Cooking


      Smoked Rapeseed Oil (Pack Of 3)


      Garlic Rapeseed Oil (Pack Of 3)


      Chilli Rapeseed Oil (Pack Of 3)


      Sicilian Lemon Rapeseed Oil (Pack Of 3)


      Truffle Infused Rapeseed Oil (Pack of 3)


      3 X 500ml Bottles Of Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil