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Our Trio of Basil and Blueberry Vinaigrettes
Our Blueberry Vinaigrette Dressing Used on Salad

    Trio Of Blueberry & Basil Vinaigrettes

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      Taste our uplifting Trio of Basil & Blueberry Vinaigrettes

      Our Trio Of Blueberry & Basil Vinaigrettes is a delicious and easy vinaigrette that's a sure fire way to impress your guests. The sweet taste of this salad dressing will inspire you and leave you feeling uplifted.

      Blueberry and basil are a classic pairing and are both fantastic additions to your summer salads, but what about the combo in a vinaigrette dressing form? We value the creation of our blueberry vinaigrette dressing here at Fussels, and once you try it for yourself, it might be easier to see why. The fresh blueberries do an excellent job of sweetening up the vinaigrette without taking away from the tanginess of the basil!

      We wholeheartedly believe this Blueberry Basil Vinaigrette is perfect for all kinds of salads, side dishes, dips, or whatever your heart desires. Not only this, but the blueberry vinaigrette dressing is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, which means that there's no dish out of question! What's better is that it's in a trio form, meaning you don't have to settle for just a singular bottle.


      Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil (66%), Fruit Vinegar (34%) (Wine Vinegar, Blueberries, Infused Basil, Sugar, Lemon Juice).

      Nutritional Information
      Typical values:      g/100g
      Energy      2738kJ / 665kcal
      Total Fat      69.6g
      Of which saturates      5.1g
      Mono-unsaturates      44.5g
      Poly-unsaturates      20.0g
      Total Carbohydrates      9.5g
      Of which sugars      7.5g
      Protein      < 0.1g
      Salt      < 0.1g


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