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Blooming Rapeseed!

on April 10, 2018

It’s been a long time since harvesting our crop of winter oil seed rape last July. The soil was carefully prepared by Shaun, our Farm Manager, who also planted the tiny black seeds back during August and early September. The seeds germinate within 4 to 5 days and our rapeseed fields were soon tinged with green, first two leaves, then four and six. The tiny plants continued to grow stronger and got themselves established, before the weather started to become colder during the late Autumn; and then they hibernated for a while.

These hardy rapeseed plants have been waiting for the soil to warm up and the weather to be just right, which is about now. There is a terrific growth spurt happening almost right in front of your eyes, when the plants are reaching for the light. The signature yellow flowers are already starting to bud and open.

This is a key time for the bees as it provides an important early food source for them. Very quickly the fields change from green to bright yellow which lasts for approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

This is a great time to come and visit us at Fussels Fine Foods, get down to our fields and hear about the next part of the story……

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