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Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil 5 Litre Can Container
Fussels Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil 5 Litre Can Container

    Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil - 5 Litre Can

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      Looking for a go-to oil for roasting, frying, baking, dressing and dipping? With a light, delicate and nutty flavour – and the lowest level of saturated fat of any oil – our cold pressed rapeseed oil is uniquely versatile and delicious.


       CLICK HERE - Download instructions on how to open a 5 Litre can and pull up the pourer spout.

      For all those Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil fans, we have the perfect present for you - Our 5 Litre Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil Cans! With this glorious container of our golden oil, you can reap all its benefits at a greater scale.

      It has always been said our Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is the best for Frying, Roasting, Baking, and with these containers of cooking oil, you can finally put it to the test with endless amounts of our oil to experiment with. Between frying up some Fish & Chips or making a Chocolate and Courgette Cake, the possibilities are endless with our high quality Rapeseed Oil!

      Is Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil healthy? Comparing it with another vegetable oil, rapeseed oil:                                                                   

      1. Has half the saturated fat.
      2. Has 10 x the essential fatty acid Omega 3.
      3. Cooks to a higher temperature, making it a more versatile cooking oil.



      Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (100%)


      Nutritional Ingredients
      Typical values:      g/100g
      Energy      3722kJ / 905kcal
      Total Fat      99.5g
      Of which saturates      7.3g
      Mono-unsaturates      62.5g
      Poly-unsaturates      28.8g
      Total Carbohydrates      < 0.1g
      Of which sugars      < 0.1g
      Protein      < 0.1g
      Salt      < 0.1g
      Omega 3      9.5g
      Omega 6      18.8g
      Omega 9      60.6g

      British Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (100%)

      Nutritional & Allergen Information
      • Allergen Free
      • Gluten Free
      • Dairy Free
      • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
      Nutritional Information
      Typical values: g/100g
      Energy 3722kJ / 905kcal
      Total Fat 99.5g
      Of which saturates 7.3g
      Mono-unsaturates 62.5g
      Poly-unsaturates 28.8g
      Total Carbohydrates <0.1g
      Of which sugars <0.1g
      Protein <0.1g
      Salt <0.1g
      Omega 3 9.5g
      Omega 6 18.8g
      Omega 9 60.6g
      Great Taste Award - 1 Star  Taste of the West Award - Gold

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 28 reviews

      Love this oil. Great to cook with, and it’s a local company. Thoroughly recommend.

      Peter Stockwell-Jones

      I'm a regular buyer of Fussels rapeseed oils in particular, flavoured oils (chilli) & delightful mayos. I love their vibrant flavour! I was impressed when Andy, who I assumed was a mere cartoon character, phoned me when I expressed concern over insecticide spraying last year. Not only is he a 'real person', he's the man in charge and clearly at the helm of a great business. A a fellow business owner, I admire that!

      Stephen Huband
      Quality and Service

      It occurred to me that I started using Fussels Rapeseed Oil since they started selling at Bath Farmers Market when in their infancy. There product is second to none, and it's great to be using local products. Recently I have ordered flavoured oils which adds something different to a dish, and recently 5 Litre cans, ordered on line and 2 days later they were delivered... there's service for you.

      Anne Hales
      Excellent product and service.

      Prompt service. I damaged the can unpacking ( my fault!) but they were very helpful and provided an alternative. The oil is great - I have the smoked and the garlic as well as the base oil. And no ultra processing!

      Christine Mansfield
      Excellent product

      Good for all cooking including dressings

      Somerset Cold Pressed Extra Virgin
      Rapeseed Oil

      Pure extra virgin rapeseed from Fussels farm, simply a better oil for your cooking.

      Rapeseed Oil Facts And Olive Oil Comparisons

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