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Fussels Trio Starter Pack of Rapeseed Oil Dressing
English Herb Rapeseed Oil Salad Dressing
Salad Dressing with Garlic Rapeseed Oil
Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil Dressing Used on Brownies

    Fussels Trio Starter Pack

    £10.00 £12.50
      A Collection of Fussels Top Three Best Rapeseed Oil Dressings, Brought Together in a Special Offer Pack

      Whether or not you love rapeseed or have never tried it before, this starter pack brings together a salad dressing with Rapeseed Oil to provide you with the authentic Fussels Fine Foods experience. So, if this is all new territory to you, this trio pack is a great place to start.

      Our Rapeseed Oil Salad Dressing Starter Pack Contains:

      One of our favourite things about our delightful rapeseed is its endless possibilities. It can be made into a precious oil, or even mayonnaise or a salad dressing. Understandably, it's quite daunting when there's a massive array of different products and flavours to try. Thankfully for you, we think we have perfected the essential Trio Pack of Rapeseed Oil Dressings that you need to try for yourselves.

      Our Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil is a Fussels classic, and for good reason. The golden flavour of this oil will excite your tastebuds to no ends, and just wait until you try the garlic infused version of this fantastic cooking oil. Our Garlic Rapeseed Oil will cast a spell on you and brighten up any meal. And, to top it off, our fabulous English Herb Dressing will make just about any salad 10x more exciting due to its sublime flavour!

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      Simon Fisk
      English herb salad dress

      This salad dressing is amazing, I’ll definitely be ordering more.


      All the Fussels best sellers, tripled up and packaged together in special offers!

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