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Fussels of Somerset 5 Litre Sicilian Lemon Infused Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

    Lemon Rapeseed Oil (5 Litre)


      Five litre of Fussels cold pressed, extra virgin rapeseed oil, infused with natural Sicilian lemons extract.

      Equivalent of ten 250ml bottles, this is a fantastic way of stocking up on our Somerset grown, pressed and bottled lemon oil, which leaves a bright clean citrus flavour on your palate. Plus you're saving 20% along the way!

      Fussels Sicilian Lemon Rapeseed Oil is perfect for making dressings, creating zingy marinades or great for shallow frying chicken or fish.  You can also use it when baking a lemon drizzle cake!

      Additional Information

      • Suitable for vegans & vegetarians.
      • Allergy Advice - Allergen Free
      • Packaging - Five litre tin container with pourer built in for easy decanting.


        Somerset cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil, infused with natural Sicilian lemon extract.

        Nutritional Information

        Per 100g
        Energy (KJ) 3668
        Energy (Kcal) 892
        Fat (g) 99.0
           of which saturates (g) 7.2
        Mono-unsaturates (g) 60.1
        Poly-unsaturates (g) 31.7
        Total Carbohydrates (g) <0.1
           of which sugars (g) <0.1
        Protein (g) <0.1
        Salt (g) <0.1
        Omega 3 (g) 11.2
        Omega 6 (g) 21.0
        Omega 9 (g) 59.5

        Product Code - FFF1047
        UPC - 5060148201047

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        Lemon Oil

        Zingy Sicilian lemons and our liquid gold Rapeseed Oil,
        a match made in culinary heaven!


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