Smoked Rapeseed Oil 250ml

    Smoked Rapeseed Oil 250ml


      Farmers markets are fantastic places, full of great stuff and even more interesting producers and traders, and of course lots of lovely customers.

      It was one of our regulars who asked if we could do a smoked oil. A very good question I decided and after various questions and enquiries, a sample was presented and it was universally given the thumbs up by the team.

      You too can now enjoy it’s musky flavours in your cooking, who knows what new recipes and flavour combinations you’ll come up with.

      Nutritional Information And Ingredients

      Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil with a smoke infusion.

      Nutritional Information
      Typical values: g/100g
      Energy 3722kJ / 905kcal
      Total Fat 99.5g
      Of which saturates 7.3g
      Mono-unsaturates 62.5g
      Poly-unsaturates 28.8g
      Total Carbohydrates < 0.1g
      Of which sugars < 0.1g
      Protein < 0.1g
      Salt < 0.1g
      Omega 3 9.5g
      Omega 6 18.8g
      Omega 9 60.6g
      Smoked Rapeseed Oil

      A simple and versatile oil that will bring new flavour dimensions to your cooking.


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