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Coming to a Screen Near You

on February 28, 2018

I believe you will really enjoy having a look at what we are doing over at Fussels TV. Having created ourselves a fabulous demonstration kitchen during the building of our new premises it was always a bit of a pipedream to create some video content for you by us.

Throughout the last two years we have been listening and learning, “you have to add value” they said, “what do I do with these dressings?” they said, “how do I use your flavoured oils” they said. “What are we going to do” we said.

When we designed the kitchen we knew it had to be multi-purpose, cooking demos and courses yes for sure, pop up restaurant absolutely, but could we film in there would it look any good? What sort of equipment would we need?

Well thanks to the loan of some lighting and a tripod it seems you can do a lot more than you think with an iPhone, so first efforts are already available at Fussels TV on YouTube. We have started with a lovely scrambled egg recipe featuring our smoked oil, but what was going to be our theme for producing some video content? It had to be quick and simple, so that is what we have done. With the help of our good friend and Chef extraordinaire ‘Johnny Boy’ Melican or ‘The Melican’ as we like to call him, we have created some very short and sharp recipes which take no time at all in some cases less than 5 minutes, all with very accessible ingredients. You will see over the next few weeks what we have created and more to the point the fun we have had doing it. It has been a real pleasure to work with John whose knowledge and expertise come gushing out. Behind the camera New Andrew aka Penfold has been Spielbergesque in his directorial debut. We might even show you some outtakes!

We love sharing our passion for food with you so try some of these new recipes out, we’d love to hear how you got on.

Yours in food

Tim Fussell