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The Importance of awards!

on July 05, 2018

Every year we submit at least two products to the Taste of the West for potential awards. In the past, our Extra Virgin oil has won gold, also our Smoked oil and Garlic oil won silver in 2016. Taste of the West is an organisation that signifies quality and integrity.

But why do this? What does an award mean for us as the producer and what effect does it have, if any, to the end user?

For us, it shows that we have absolute confidence in our product and we are proud of it. This is extremely important and shows that we can back up all that we have to say about our brand and what we do. This, in turn, gives confidence to the end user, hugely influencing their decision to buy.

Only yesterday I was speaking to a prospective customer, who said his choice was, indeed, affected by the fact that there was a Taste of the West label on the bottle.

There is, however, always an inherent risk that your submission doesn’t get the vote. No matter. Take this information on board, read the feedback and do something about it. Use it as part of the learning curve and as they say, if you don’t try you’ll never know.

And so, why am I writing about awards? Yes, you guessed it. The Taste of the West awards have just been judged and we had, indeed, submitted a couple of our lines; Chilli oil and Garlic oil. Have we been successful or not? Are we celebrating or are we learning? Well, we never stop learning that’s for sure, but celebrating, well we might!

We are delighted to announce that our Garlic oil won a coveted Gold award and the never before submitted Chilli oil gained a silver; so on the whole, we are extremely happy and, of course, we will be shouting about it over the airwaves. Take a look at our posts on our Facebook page. You can also get involved with the conversation in our Fussels Fans FB group; we‘d love you to join in with the chat.

Because we've won Gold and Silver for the Garlic and Chilli, we have a special offer where you can buy both, with an 18% discount! Offer ends midnight Sunday 8th July '18, delivery charge applies for orders under £30.

See you soon,

Tim Fussell | @b2fuss74

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